When I say “Me,” I mean “Me and You.”

Here’s why I’m blogging.
I’m one of the millions of Americans in transition.
I’m a writer — a lifelong journalist — or what used to be known as “a newspaperman.” Which these days is pretty much like saying, “I’m a cobbler.”
So I’ve had to reinvent myself at an age where I thought I’d have a full head of steam toward the end of my beautiful career.
That’s not the way it turned out.
But in many ways it has been something of a blessing in disguise, because it has forced me to look deep inside myself, realize who I really am, draw on my strengths, examine my weaknesses, and, if not begin entirely again, then realize that F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong when he said, “There are no second acts in American lives.”
There are thousands of people proving him wrong every day. Most of them aren’t rich or famous but they are finding a way to back to center stage.
My journey started about 7 years ago — when I left my long-time career as a television critic at a time when newspapers were beginning what can only be described as a free fall.  It was sometime shortly after that when I began to wonder what the hell I was going to do with all the talent everybody always said I had in a world where its value seemed greatly diminished.
I’ll be telling my own story here,which I think a lot of people can relate to.  But I’ll also be writing and posting stories about people who staged their own comebacks — especially the ones that began when everyone thought the show was already over.